Women & The Law

Traditionally, a woman is likely to be the nurturer or caregiver, especially in her family relationships. While she is busy meeting the needs of others, a woman may forget to take care of her own needs – even needs as fundamental as her own life and estate planning as well as her financial planning. At Linda Solash-Reed, our attorneys ensure that the mothers and daughters in our community take care of themselves by emphasizing the importance of estate planning for women.

Would your loved ones be prepared to take care of your personal health care and financial decisions if you were incapacitated? Without proper estate planning, they would have to go through a court process that requires hiring three attorneys and eventually puts them under the control of the probate judge. This process can be long and costly… best avoided if possible.

Estate Planning

Women tend to outlive their husbands, if they are the same age, by an average of seven years. Estate planning for women is an important factor to consider. Even if you are currently married, you may be single again. And no one wants to be remembered for leaving a legal or financial mess for their loved ones to sort out.

So, what, if any, legal arrangements have you made? Have you made proper plans for the smooth transition of your assets and the care of your loved ones, charities, and pets?

Financial Planning

We can’t be experts at everything in life and so it is with financial planning. At Linda Solash-Reed, P.L., we can help you select the right financial advisor for your particular needs, personality, and even for your lifestyle.

Estate planning for women can help you protect everyone you love and everything you have. There are three easy ways to contact our office. First, give us a call at 321-203-0856. Second, send us an email or third, request a consultation through our online form.